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Global Stars Network Cruise


Performance Tips from Jaimie Charlton at Images and Motion Jaimie Charlton

As cinematographers we have seen what works on stage and what doesn't and are passing this info on to you. We will be updating this tip sheet every few days so be sure to check back here often.  

We are starting out with some general advice, but will be adding tips specific to singers, dancers, models and actors. However, be sure to read all the tips because you never know when you will find something that will give you an edge. 

If you have any tips you would like to share, please email them to me through the "Contact Us" page on this website or directly to

We will share as many as we can.


General information that applies to everyone

First time cruisers, be sure to read all the tips below because you never know what might apply to you. But after you read them, click here to see what some other performers have done. This gives you an idea of what to expect.

- Show business is BUSINESS 
This is the real world and you are expected to act like a professional.  There is no room for pouting primadonnas or out-of-control children. Agents not only look for talent, they look for people they can trust and work with.

- Be on time 
Be ready well in advance of your appearance and wait quietly for your turn.  Excessive chatting and horsing around are the signs of amateurs.  Don't comment, especially negatively, on others' performances.

- Dress appropriately
Unless it is part of your costume, don't wear "loud" patterned clothes or clothes with writing.  You want the agents to look at you and your performance, not your clothes.  Of course, an exception is if you are modeling unusual clothing.

- Don't chew gum
Unless it is part of your props, don't chew gum wherever an agent might see you.

- Be accessible and available
When you are just starting out, it is important to be easy to contact.  You don’t want to make it difficult for agents to reach you with a job offer.  After all, they have a position to fill and if they can’t reach you, they will go on to the next person on their list.   Remove all spam-blocking and mailbox-guarding applications from your email and phone messaging (don’t remove virus blockers) mailboxes.  In fact, it is a good idea to set up a separate email, Facebook etc account just for your professional contacts.  If you can afford it, set up a separate phone number for professional contacts.  Otherwise, be sure your personal voicemail greeting sound professional.  Nothing is more annoying to a prospective client than having to jump through hoops just to reach you.  Set up your professional email and Facebook etc accounts today so they are ready when you get on the cruise.




Meanwhile, take your career seriously, order your videos. The "Whole Show" video offers an outstanding way preserve your investment in this cruise and improve your performance by learning from others. The "Your Reel" video is really the only way you can use this event build your reel. This is as good as an audition video gets.


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