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Build Your Reel Here!

Jordan Spaulding, rising young star endorses Images and Motion videos

Mark Jones, President, Global Stars Network, talks about the Images and Motion videos  
Photo of It's All You DVD case

"Your Reel"

"Your Reel" is your personal video featuring YOU and only you!  It's all your performances at this convention compiled and edited into one high quality video. 
This offer includes FOUR copies of your video each in a custom designed case featuring your biographical and contact information.

Click Here to order your set of four "Your Reel" videos
or see below for a money-saving Combo Offer

Great for Auditions! SAVE with this Special COMBO OFFER!

Great for Auditions!

These custom made professionally edited "Your Reel" videos are the perfect way to start building or adding to your reel of on-stage performances. 

You're in show business now and you know auditions are a way of life but, when you can't be there in person, a video is the next best thing. In fact, some casting agents prefer videos for the first audition. But they don't want a dim shaky video of some school performance. No, they want to see a professional video of you performing in a real venue before a real audience.

Great for Gifts!

Sure, you had help getting here.  Mom, Dad, family, friends, coaches - people who are proud of you and want to see you succeed.  Show them how their effort and support has paid off with the perfect gift.  Reward them with a "Your Reel" personal video of you performing before this elite group of agents and directors.

CLICK HERE to see sample personal videos from past cruises


SAVE With this Special COMBO OFFER!

Order your custom-made "Your Reel" videos as part of our Special Combo Pack and we will include FREE web posting of Your Reel video on our website for 120 days!

YES, for those times you don't want to send a DVD, just send a link to your page!

CLICK HERE for details