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We go on location with you (within 50 miles of Lenexa) and capture the bride and groom at ease having fun together.  The photos and video are available for display at the wedding and reception.

  Yes, we can provide
engagement announcements that are ready for mailing.

A Love Story or Engagement Video is an elegant video production showing the couple at play and getting to know each other.   Separate from the wedding and about 15 minutes long, it captures the romance and special bond between them.  The couple is taped visiting locations meaningful to them.  Photographs and even video clips provided by the couple can be included.

Below is a sample Engagement video. 



Engagement Albums
Do you prefer something portable?  Then try a really nice engagement album.  Small enough to carry around or even fit in a purse, these albums are a great way to capture the romance of being in love.  Make no mistake, these are high quality albums made with the same care as your wedding album.  In fact, they can be made to match it. 

Scroll down to see a typical 24 page engagement album.






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