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Wedding Video Productions

Simply put, we cover your wedding as the major event it is.  Our style is elegant journalistic, that is, we cover your wedding as though it were both a news and a romantic story capturing all the sounds and reality of the moment.  Then we add titles, credits, music and special effects to create a true movie production.  Your movie is presented to you on one or more DVDs in custom case.

The Intro (Getting to Know You)
Several weeks before  your wedding we shoot casual scenes of the bride and groom at ease in a park, shopping mall or other location within 30 miles of Kansas City.  If you want some of your own still photos included, no problem.  We can include up to 24 still photos in slide show format at no extra charge.  All these will be used as an introduction to the main program.  

The Rehearsal
We come to the rehearsal to meet the officiant, the planner, photographer and identify camera and microphone locations.  We also capture portions of the rehearsal for inclusion in the finished production.  We accompany the party to the rehearsal dinner where we capture toasts, jokes, gifts and get lots of fun comments.

The wedding
The day begins with videoing the preparations.  We artistically capture the beauty of the bride and her bridesmaids' dresses and flowers as they get ready.   At the same time a second videographer is accompanying the groom and groomsmen.  Family and friends are caught as they sign the guest book and are shown to their seats.  The entire ceremony is captured with two manned digital cameras.  

Of course we are there for the formal photo sessions before and after the ceremony.  Lots of funny things happen and we're there to capture them. 

Interviews?  Sure!  We capture the bride's and grooms thoughts about each other and this special day.  We also capture the video and voice of anyone else the couple desires.  Special music?  No problem, you provide it and we'll use it or, we can provide our own.   

The Reception
The newlyweds arrive at the reception and we are there to capture the excitement of the first moments as they are greeted by the guests.  The intimacy of the first dance, the emotion of the dad-daughter and mom-son dances, the excitement of the garter and bouquet tosses and the teary toasts, we get it all.  

All of this beauty and excitement is digitally edited with music, titles and special effects and presented on archival grade DVDs in a custom made case.  Pop one of these in your player and you are instantly reliving your wedding day.

Other Cool Things
As you can see, our basic package is awsome and a really good deal.  But, we do have some extras.

Fast Lane Wedding  NEW! The Fast Lane Wedding is now included as part of your main production at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
This is a 15 minute (approximately) compilation of your wedding's most emotional and exciting moments artistically edited and set to music.  If you want to share your wedding with friends, but don't have much time, this is the way to go.

Super Slide Show
This is a video of up to about 75 of your stills edited together with creative transitions, pans, titles and music.  This is not a jerky computer show, it is a separate video production presented on a DVD.  Depending on the lead time, it can be ready for display at your wedding or reception.  This is truly a SUPER slide show.

Engagement Story
Also known as a Love Story, this is an elegant movie showing the couple at ease and getting to know each other.  Separate from the wedding and around 15 minutes long, it captures the romance and special bond between them.  The couple is taped visiting locations that are meaningful to them or, just having a casual good time.  Stills can be included.  The result is a beautiful, romantic movie. 


Prices, Fine Print, Details, limitations and Gotchas
Basic Wedding Video Package - $1275
This package includes two videographers with digital cameras, all editing and three copies of the final production on archival DVDs with custom packaging and labeling.  The length of the final production is usually between one and one-half and two and one-half hours on two DVDs depending on the ceremony and other events.  Price includes three copies.  One copy in a deluxe case and two copies in standard DVD cases.  All have custom labels.

Additional copies of the production if ordered at contract signing: $30 each
 If ordered later: $40 each

Engagement Story - $500 
A separate, fully edited production about 15 minutes in length.  Includes three copies on DVDs.
Extra copies ordered at contract signing.  $20 each

Super Slide Show - $300
A video production of about 75 photos includes three copies on DVDs. 

Basic Wedding Package - five weeks after the wedding.
Engagement Story and Super Slide Show - Four weeks after receipt of content.  Plan accordingly if you want to display them at the wedding or reception.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 due at signing, the remainder may be paid in any amounts on any schedule, but must be paid up one month before the wedding.  In the event of cancellation, all payments made except for the $200 deposit, will be refunded.  The deposit may be applied to future business.

Note:  Reduced pricing is available if "Fast Lane Wedding", "Engagement Story" and/or "Super Slide Show" are ordered together with the Wedding package. 

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.  But, we will still offer the best deal around.