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Portrait of a man

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Portraits are one of the most interesting forms of the photographic art.  A portrait must capture the personality and character of the subject.  Color, sepia, black and white, studio or on-location, a good portrait reveals the subject and a great portrait says something special and reveals the personality.


Graduation is a very special time for every student. It marks the end of one part of life and the start of another.  That's why it's so very important to preserve the moment with really excellent photos that capture the essence of youth, the spirit of the graduate and the excitement of the future.  Our on-location senior photos do just that at very reasonable prices. 

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Large family photo

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Groups and Families

Groups & Families
Large or small - classes, casts and crews, reunions - we photograph them all!  These photos make great gifts, Christmas cards, mementos.  Please call us with your ideas.  Our prices are low and the results are GREAT!


Show biz is very competitive!  Whether you're an actor, singer, instrumentalist, just getting a chance to strut your stuff is a full-time job.  That's why your headshot is so important.  A good headshot grabs potential clients' attention, conveys excitement and fixes your name in their minds.  Then your sparkling eyes and friendly expression invite them to give you a call.  In black and white or color, our headshots make you look really good.  We can even print your resume on the back. 

Can't stop looking at her, can you?  

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