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Video and still promotional presentations are excellent tools for getting your message across. If your message is complex, they give you the opportunity to explain it in person with demonstrations and examples. If your message is straightforward, you can greatly increase its emotional appeal.

Full motion video presentations are more exciting and hold attention far better than a static text and graphs with cheesy animation. You can build excitement even more by adding compelling music and motion graphics to your message.

This is a good example of a soft sell video. It's purpose is to build interest and excitement.

Thirty seconds isn't much time, but it is plenty if used effectively. This TV spot is made entirely of stills and has no music or voice. But, you watched the whole thing, didn't you?

Whether your interest is in full motion video or a compelling use of stills, the possibilities are endless!

  • Put life into a dull meeting. Even dry data can look good with attractive charts and graphs.
  • Introduce and demonstrate new products or services.
  • Attract and hold tradeshow audiences
  • "Appear" at meetings and present your message when you can't attend in person
  • TV spots